In the past week, the TPACK model and acronym has been flooding many blogs of my peers such as Lovie’s staightforward and simple post here – TPACK and ICT.  I would like to think that this model/acronym has the right to do so. When I first looked at it, I was like, oh no, not another diagram/acronym again! But when I read more about it, the more I think it is useful!

TPACK is the short for Technology, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. I would think that the successful integration of the three (TPACK) which is in the middle of the diagram below would be ideal and appropriate  for 21st century learning and teaching experiences.

The diagram below is quite self-explanatory.

The TPACK image

(Image obtained from USQ studydesk, 2013)

I have since started to evaluate my level of TPACK.

At the moment I probably lack in TPK, TCK and CK. As with Lovie, I am also a pre-service teacher and have little exposure to the real world of teaching and getting into action.

I am probably building more confidence in the area of TK as I am continuously learning about it, CK and some PCK. However I currently have it it all in theory in my head. I need to try it out for sure to know it really works or not in the context of the school I am going to be in.

I am definitely looking forward trying it all during the upcoming professional experience! 🙂

Here is a link to find out more about TPACK by Teaching Teachers for the Future.

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