Multiple Intelligences V.Digital

This post is yet another one inspired by a fellow friend Deborah’s post on ‘Competencies and capabilities to teach in E-Literacies (Part 1 )’ In it she had a link to the Educational Origami’s wikispace’s page on Traditional and Digital Practice. It has a lot of links, almost everything educators might need to refer to with regards to ICT integration in the classroom. I came across this amazing Educational Origami page before but forgotten it. I am happy that it resurfaced in a friend’s post. Thank you Deborah!

Appreciation aside, the title on Educational Origami’s wikispace that caught my eye was ‘Multiple Intelligences and ICT’. I was beaming from ear to ear to read all about it! On a previous post ‘Finally…the Birth of the Concept Map’, I presented my ideas on ‘Why I would integrate ICTs in the Early Years’. One of my point was that ‘In recognising children as unique individuals, ICT can enhance or extend traditional learning tools for most if not all of the Multiple Intelligences’. Educational Origami’s wikispace page on ‘Multiple Intelligences and ICT’ perfectly elaborated that point. Apart from brief explanations about each Intelligence, they listed out traditional approaches and the digital alternatives for all the Intelligences. This page will be a very useful resource for all teachers who wants to cater to different intelligences AND integrate ICTs in their classrooms as well.

This post truly reflects the power of connecting through blogs 🙂


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