End of one chapter…

I can’t say that I will definitely continue to blog here in the near future but I think I will most probably leave it up here in this cyber space. While I do know that not all my blogs are superb, but it might just benefit some random Internet user in future. It would be quite a wonder that that user would even make it here in the first place 🙂 tee hee!

‘Blogging’ as part of a university requirement has certainly been quite an interesting experience. It has been a steep learning curve – inserting things whatnots into posts and the blog itself, organising layouts, etc. There are pros and cons but probably more pros at this point in time particularly with regards to forming an online Personal Learning Network and how important it is for me to maintain or grow it in future. Without the connections made, I would not have made it to this wonderful TED Talk by Rita Pierson in Miss Wright’s blog who in turn found it from Jess’s blog.

Watching this inspiring and heartfelt video is probably one of the best closure, sort of a mini ceremony to celebrate the end of the semester and my bachelors. I only wish all the best to everyone of us University of Southern Queensland’s EDC 3100 ICT & Pedagogy semester 1, 2013 students and to everyone else – educators and non-educators alike. May all of you have happy and fulfilling journeys! 

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