Recently a fellow peer blogger, Rachel posted about ‘Facebook – What age is appropriate?‘ She discussed about children using Facebook and also about Facebook’s recommendation that one must be at least 13 years old to have a Facebook account. Unsupervised usage and revealing of personal details including photos are just a few topics for debates on this issue.

I decided to investigate a little further on the topic of photographing children. As I googled for further information, a few interesting article popped up.

  • Images of Children (Play by the Rules, n.d.) – This article provides some strategies on acquiring and displaying images and brief information about Australian law.
  • Using Photographs of Children for Publication (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, n.d.) – This article by a UK-based organisation gives an overview about the risks of photographing children, minimising the risks and useful links.
  • There is No Law against Photographing Children (Lewis, 2008) – This is slightly entertaining and thought-provoking personal view of a lady from the UK who speaks about the absence of a Law against photographing children.

I think the general rule of thumb with regards to photographing children and how you are going to use it, is that we should always ask permission of their guardian/parents and asking the children themselves (especially if they know how to speak already). This respects both parents and children as growing individuals. What say you? 😀


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